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At Members Appraisal Management, our goal first and foremost is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. Our knowledgeable customer support staff has developed an extensive list of their most frequently asked questions in order to better assist our growing clientele.

Members Appraisal Management Services

Members Appraisal Management specializes in residential appraisals of all types including FHA Single Family Residential Appraisals (Form FHA – 1004), Condominium Appraisals (Form 1073), and Exterior Appraisal Reports (Form 2055). View all of our appraisal management products.


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Client Dashboard Login

Active clients can log in to their dashboard and utilize a range of administrative abilities to track orders, view appraisal statuses, and communicate with our dedicated support staff.

Become A Vendor

At Members Appraisal Management, we value our relationships with our appraisers. Learn about the benefits of being an approved vendor and start on your path towards success.


Members Appraisal Management has assembled an industry-leading team of account managers, quality control specialists, and appraisal coordinators to better assist you.

Your Colorado AMC Solution

Members Appraisal Management understands the need to deliver accurate, high-quality appraisals that enable our clients to focus on their essentials. We are equipped with a professional team built and managed by appraisers dedicated to best-in-class processes and quality industry standards. Our customers can rest assured that every appraiser assigned to each and every account has the capacity to deliver a superior product/service, on-time.


  • Appraiser Accountability – Our appraisal panel consists of the finest certified and experienced appraisers
  • Regulatory Compliance & Secure Technology – Forefront of appraisal regulatory compliance guidelines
  • 100% Quality Control Review – Every appraisal is manually examined by the dedicated quality control staff
  • Stay Connected to Your Order – Email notifications, online order tracking, and customer support that is always available by phone, email, or by filling out our contact form
  • System Oversight & Customization – System administrative abilities give customers control over their own order pipeline. System functionality from access, desired communication levels, reporting, and more
  • UCDP/EAD – Streamline the process further and let us deliver your appraisals to the GSE’s via our portal

At Members Appraisal Management, a Colorado licensed AMC, we specialize in assisting credit unions and lenders large and small. We understand each clients’ unique set of appraisal management needs and can customize our processes to meet those needs. Our team pledges accurate, certified appraisals, exceptional customer service, and more efficient origination operations resulting in faster loan approvals and collateral risk mitigation; you will quickly come to think of us as your leading appraisal management partner.

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